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Call for Nominations for 2017 DWC Awards

The Division on Women and Crime Internal Awards committee is requesting nominations for seven award categories: Distinguished Scholar, New Scholar, Lifetime Achievement, CoraMae Richey Mann “Inconvenient Woman of the Year,” The Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice, Graduate Scholar, and The Sarah Hall Award.

Submission Information: The nominees are evaluated by the awards committee based on their scholarly work, their commitment to women crime as a research discipline, and their commitment to women in crime as advocates, particularly in terms of dedication to the Division on Women and Crime (for a list of previous award winners, see

In submitting your nomination, please provide the following supporting materials: a letter identifying the award for which you are nominating the individual and evaluating a nominee’s contribution and its relevance to the award, and the nominee’s C.V. (short version preferred). No nominee will be considered unless these materials are provided and arrive by the deadline. The committee reserves the right to give no award in a particular year if it deems this appropriate.

Send nominations and supporting materials by September 22, 2017 to:

Co-Chairs: Marilyn Corsianos and Laura King

Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of women and crime by an established scholar. The contributions may consist of a single outstanding book or work, a series of theoretical or research contributions, or the accumulated contributions of an established scholar. Eligibility includes scholars who have held a Ph.D. for eight or more years.

New Scholar Award recognizes the achievements of scholars who show outstanding merit at the beginning of their careers. Outstanding merit may be based on a single book or work, including dissertation or a series of theoretical or research contributions to the area of women and crime. Eligibility includes scholars who have held a Ph.D. for less than eight years.

Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes scholars upon retirement. We inaugurated this award on our 20th Anniversary, 2004. Scholars receiving this award should have an established career advancing the goals and work of the Division on Women and Crime.

CoraMae Richey Mann “Inconvenient Woman of the Year” Award recognizes the scholar/activist who has participated in publicly promoting the ideals of gender equality and women’s rights throughout society, particularly as it relates to gender and crime issues. This award will be granted on an ad hoc basis. Nominations should include specific documentation of public service (news articles, etc.) and should describe in detail how this person’s activism has raised awareness and interest in the issues that concern the Division on Women and Crime.

The Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice recognizes a criminologist whose professional accomplishments have increased the quality of justice and the level of safety for women. The Saltzman Award need not be given every year. It is available to honor unique achievements combining scholarship, persuasion, activism and commitment, particularly work that has made a deep impact on the quality of justice for women, as well as a wide impact (interdisciplinary, international, or cross-cultural).

The Graduate Scholar Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of graduate students to the field women and crime, both in their published work and their service to the Division on Women & Crime. Outstanding contributions may include single or multiple published works that complement the mission of the DWC, and significant work within the Division, including serving as committee members, committee chairs, or executive board members. Preference will be given to those candidates who have provided exceptional service to the DWC. Eligibility includes scholars who are still enrolled in an M.A. or Ph.D. program at the time of their nomination.

The Sarah Hall Award (established in 2012) recognizes outstanding service contributions to DWC and to professional interests regarding feminist criminology. Service may include mentoring, serving as an officer of the Division on Women and Crime, committee work for the ASC, DWC, or other related group, and/or serving as editor or editorial board member of journals and books or book series devoted to research on women and crime. The award is named after Sarah Hall, administrator of the American Society of Criminology for over 30 years, whose tireless service helped countless students and scholars in their careers.

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