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The best way to connect with the DWC is to join, and joining is easy! A regular one year membership is $25.00 and a three year membership is $75 (you must also renew your ASC membership for three years to select the three year option). For students, membership is only $5.00 for one year or $15.00 for three. Membership to the division includes online journal access to Feminist Criminology.

To join the division or renew your membership, go to the membership page on the ASC website.


The Division offers a number of social media options to allow members to keep in touch and promote Division activities. Before posting, please review our social media policies.


For general questions about the Division on Women and Crime, email  To communicate with the Chair of the Division on Women and Crime, email


The DWC listserv is a way for members to keep in touch about research opportunities, position announcements, grant proposal information, current events, and more!

To subscribe, send an email to with the text:

SUBSCRIBE dwc firstname lastname

in the body of the email, and leave the subject line blank. To unsubscribe, follow the same process with SIGNOFF DWC in the body of the email, leaving the subject line blank.  If you have any questions or problems, drop us an email.


Our newly created LinkedIn group is a great place to share professional opportunities and issues.

Follow us on Twitter

Our handle is @ASCWomenCrime, and is a mirror of our Facebook posts (that is, if you're already following us on Facebook, there's no need to add Twitter).

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Expectations for Listserv and other Social Media Participation

The Social Media outlets used by the DWC to share information and promote Division activities are a valuable source of information to our members. Posts made by members to our public forums should be focused on topics related to the study of gender and crime, feminist criminology, and professional issues related to gender.

The DWC listserv and related social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are professional academic forums in which members are expected to adhere to standards of courtesy, decorum, and respect in their communications.  As such, listserv members and users of other DWC social media are expected to refrain from sending communications containing:

  • profanity
  • personal (ad hominem) attacks
  • derogatory remarks
  • threats

The above requirements apply to messages posted directly to the listserv and publicly viewed social media outlets, as well as to private, “off list” messages sent to DWC listserv members in response to a post or ongoing dialogue.

Penalties for Problematic Social Media Participation

Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension of privileges to post to the relevant DWC social media outlet for one year, pursuant to a DWC Executive Board vote.  The offending member’s e-mail account will be removed from the relevant outlet (listserv, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and any additional e-mail accounts registered to this member will be removed as well.  After the one year suspension period is completed, the DWC Executive Council may vote to reinstate the member’s e-mail account.  If problematic behavior persists once the member is returned to the social media outlet, the DWC Executive Council reserves the right to permanently ban the member from the DWC online community.

(Effective November, 2007; edited and approved by Executive Board on April 15, 2013)