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Letter from the Editor & DWC Chair- Fall 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Please enjoy the Fall edition of the DWC Newsletter. The section editors have worked diligently to provide the membership with information on various topics of interest to both junior members (e.g., how to create a doctoral student association) and senior members.

Speaking of membership, I’d also like to highlight a new book out from a founding member and past chair of the Division: Dr. Carole J. Garrison. Please see the following announcement.

Jordana Navarro
DWC Newsletter Editor

Oh, isn’t today a lovely day for a new book announcement? It’s getting a little colder outside, we’re all starting to close in for the winter and we need a little something to look forward to, once the sun starts to shine on the other side. And that motivator to keep your mood up (or - light on) could be my memoir, The Fourth Moment: Journeys From the Known to the Unknown, a collection of memoir-essays consisting of snapshots of my life’s big and small moments that lay just beyond the forgettable.

Published by 2Leaf Press (in print and eBook formats) my book is available for sale at

It all started with Martha White letters back in the late 1970’s. I snail-mailed—you know envelopes and stamps—photo copied letters to twenty or so of my closest friends. It was an early blog and an early manifestation of my need to connect my life to others through words. It wasn’t until a decade ago that retirement provided the time and the motivation to organize those letters, travel diaries, and my reflections about them into a collection of essays and short stories. Drafts of memoirs and an unpublished novel, a couple of published essays, finally culminated in The Fourth Moment: Journeys from the Known to the Unknown.

Being published is both hellish and exhilarating. Hellish because you have laid your-self bare for critique, not to mention having to be shamelessly self-promoting. Exhilarating because you have put yourself out in the world. I hope you will buy the book and importantly, be glad you did. I’d love to come share it with you and a few good friends as I would love for you to share information about it on your blogs, newsletters and websites. Likely you’ll hear more from me from time-to-time with emails and blogs.

Thanks for the love,

CAROLE J. GARRISON is a former police officer, professor, activist and passionate humanitarian who loves to write and travel.

Visit Carole's website at

Dear DWC Colleagues,

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter, my last as DWC Chair.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to have served the Division in this capacity for the last two years. It has been a tremendous honor for me.

I feel humbled by the exceptional scholarship of our membership. In reviewing applications for our graduate funding awards, reading the articles in Feminist Criminology, attending DWC-sponsored panels at ASC, and participating in the UN Women event last December, I have seen first-hand the cutting-edge feminist research happening in the Division.

I feel inspired by the activism within our Division. From the spontaneous outpouring of generosity at our business meeting in New Orleans to the $2000 in DWC funds we donated to justice policy organizations in February, our membership has committed itself individually and collectively to the furtherance of justice.

I feel privileged to have benefitted from the wisdom and talents of the officers alongside whom I have served. The Executive Council members have been extraordinarily generous with their time during my term, and are responsible for our many successes as a Division. This is particularly true of Rosemary Barberet, who has been steadfast in both her stewardship of Feminist Criminology and her support of the DWC.

Finally, I feel excited by the prospects that lie ahead for our group. The impressive list of DWC-sponsored panels and events at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia makes clear that our Division continues to uphold the standard of excellence we have established, while also exploring new opportunities for advancement. I have every confidence that the incoming Executive Council members will help the DWC grow and thrive even more in the years ahead.

Thank you again for the opportunity to have served as DWC Chair. I look forward to seeing all of you (and to passing the gavel!) in Philadelphia.

With gratitude,