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Member News- Spring 2016

Hello Fellow DWC Members,

Below is the collected news from DWC members, showing what an amazing organization we have! Please keep sending updates to

Best Regards,
Tara Richards


Denise Boots will receive the Evelyn Gilbert Unsung Hero Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences’ Minorities and Women Section (MWS). This award is in recognition of her substantial contributions to criminal justice education and scholarship concerning ethnicity, race, and gender in criminology and criminal justice.

Jennifer Cobina will receive the Becky Tatum Excellence Award from the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences’ Minorities and Women Section (MWS). This award is in recognition of conceptual and empirical contributions to the study of minorities within the criminal justice system

Erin Kerrison will be joining the faculty at UC Berkley’s School of Social Welfare as an Assistant Professor this fall.

Sarah Becker was promoted to Associate Professor of Sociology / Women’s and Gender Studies and granted tenure this January at Louisiana State University.

Daisy Onyige has been selected as a fellow of the Africa Science Leadership Programme and was selected to Chair a session on Human Trafficking: The Labour and Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children at the International Sociological Association Conference at Vienna, July 10-14, 2016 (see here).

Melanie Pallone developed and helped to administer curriculum for a 4-week Teen Police Academy pilot project with the Western Pennsylvania Police Athletic League in Monroeville, Allegheny County.

Several DWC members also have new articles and books:

  • Ellen G. Cohn. 2016. Exploring Victimology. San Diego, CA: Cognella.
  • Nancy A. Wonders and Mona J.E. Danner. 2015.  “Gendering Climate Change:  A Feminist Criminological Perspective.”  Critical Criminology, 23(4):401-416.  (Special Issue on Climate Change)
  • Bachman, Ronet, Kerrison, Erin M., Paternoster, Ray, Smith, Lionel, & O’Connell, Daniel. (2015). "The Complex Relationship Between Motherhood and Desistance." Women and Criminal Justice. DOI: 10.1080/08974454.2015.1113153.
  • Richards, T.N., & Kafonek, K. (2016). "Reviewing State Legislative Agenda Regarding Sexual Assault in Higher Education: Proliferation of Best Practices, and Points of Caution." Feminist Criminology, 11(1), 91-129.
  • Morash, Merry, Deborah Kashy, Sandi W. Smith, and Jennifer E. Cobbina. (2016). "The Connection of Probation/Parole Officer Actions to Women Offenders’ Recidivism." Criminal Justice & Behavior, 43(4): 506-524. DOI: 10.1177/0093854815626490).
  • Morash, Merry, Deborah Kashy, Miriam Northcutt Bohmert, Jennifer E. Cobbina, and Sandi W. Smith (2016). “Women at the Nexus of Correctional and Social Policies: Implications for Recidivism Risk” British Journal of Criminology (online first, DOI: 10.1093/bjc/azv124)
  • Cobbina, Jennifer E., Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, and Kimberly Bender. “Perceptions of Racialization of Crime among Ferguson Residents and Protesters.” (2016). Journal of Crime and Justice, 39(1): 210–229. DOI: 10.1080/0735648X.2015.1119950
  • Cornacchione, Jenny, Sandi W. Smith, Merry M. Morash, Miriam Northcutt Bohmert, Jennifer E. Cobbina, and Deborah Kashy.  (2016). “An Exploration of Female Offenders' Memorable Messages from Probation & Parole Officers on the Self-Assessment of Behavior from a Control Theory Perspective.”  Journal of Applied Communication Research, 44(1): 60-77. DOI: 10.1080/00909882.2015.1116705.
  • Bender, Kimberly A., Jennifer E. Cobbina, Edmund McGarrell. (2015). “Reentry Programming  for Gang Members: Insights from Participants.” International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology (online first, DOI: 10.1177/0306624X15578204)
  • Cobbina, Jennifer E. and Morash, Merry (2015). “Women Offenders' Perceptions of Treatment by Police and Courts.”  In Candace Kruttschnitt and Catrien Bijleveld’s (eds.), Lives of Incarcerated Women: An International Perspective. London, Routledge.

Molly Dragiewicz, Associate Professor in the School of Justice at Queensland University of Technology, has launched the first Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence in Australia. Classes commenced in February 2016 with 91 students admitted in the first cohort. The graduate certificate includes four classes on the Dynamics of Domestic Violence, Reducing Lethal Risk, Children and Family Violence, and Working with Domestic Violence Victims. Previously, there were no university-based graduate opportunities for domestic violence education in Australia. Only a handful of undergraduate electives on the subject exist in the country, including the one Dragiewicz started at QUT in 2015. This program follows the development of successful University Programs for Teaching about Domestic Violence in the US and UK. For more information about those programs see Innovative University Programs for Teaching about Domestic Violence.