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Member News- Fall 2015

Hello Fellow DWC Members,

Below is the collected news from a variety of DWC members, showing what an amazing organization we have! Please keep sending updates to

Best Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tara Richards


Congratulations are in order for Kristi Holsinger, the new Chair of the Criminal Justice & Criminology Department at the University of Missouri-Kansas City!

Kate Luther was named one of NerdScholar's 40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire for 2015.

Kristy Holtfreter (with Co-PI Michael D. Reisig) was awarded funding from the United States Department of Health and Human Services to examine perceptions of scientific misconduct in the natural and social sciences ($255,181).

Angela Gover and Tara Richards were awarded a grant from the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice to examine domestic violence offender treatment content in Colorado and the relationship between treatment content and offender outcomes ($99, 180).

Tara Richards (with Co-PI Christopher Murphy) was awarded funding by the Maryland Office of Crime Control and Prevention to complete a process analysis of Maryland Abuser Intervention Programs’ (AIP) policies and guidelines ($67,992).

Walter DeKeseredy and the Research Center on Violence at West Virginia University (WVU) is collaborating with the State of West Virginia's Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis Center to launch West Virginia's first crime victimization survey. WVU's research team includes Walter, Amanda Hall-Sanchez, and James Nolan. More information on this project is available at

Several DWC members also have new articles and books:

Carrie Buist and Emily Lenning have a new book, Queer Criminology, from Taylor & Francis. Members can check out details on the book here.

DeKeseredy, Walter, S. (2015). "New Directions in Feminist Understandings of Rural Crime." Journal of Rural Studies, 39, 180-187.

DeKeseredy, Walter, S. (2015). "Remembering Jock Young: Some Sociological and Personal Reflections." Critical Criminology, 23, 153-163.

Holtfreter, Kristy, Michael D. Reisig, and Eryn N. O’Neal (2015). "Prescription Drug Misuse in Late Adulthood: An Empirical Examination of Competing Explanations." Journal of Drug Issues, 44(4), 351-367.

Holtfreter, Kristy, Michael D. Reisig, Travis C. Pratt, and Robert E. Holtfreter (2015). "Risky Remote Purchasing and Identity Theft Victimization Among Older Internet Users." Psychology, Crime, and Law, 21(7), 381-398.