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Member Profiles- Fall 2014

In the fall 2014 edition we feature Lisa Anne Zilney, Associate Professor in Justice Studies at Montclair State University ().


How did you become interested in the field of women and/or gender and crime?

When I was a student at Eastern Kentucky University, I had Helen Eigenberg as a professor. She is very influential in the area of women and crime, and had a big impact on how I thought about the area. She was paramount in nurturing my interest in these topics.

How do you define yourself as a scholar and an educator?

As a scholar, I define myself as someone who is most concerned about how current sex offender policy affects sex offenders and their families negatively. I am also concerned with how sex offender legislation that deals with things like statutory rape can be modified so that offenders are not impacted negatively throughout their lives and so that their families are not impacted by the collateral consequences of their loved one’s punishment.

As an educator, I am most concerned with developing critical thinking in my students. I am also focused on helping students overcome some of the stereotypes that they have developed regarding criminal justice that come primarily from the media, especially when it comes to things like sex offenses and drug offenses.

What are your current projects or interests?

I am currently working on a project that deals with how families and significant others of sex offenders are impacted by collateral consequences of sex offender laws such as residency restrictions and community notification laws.

Who is your favorite person (or animal!) to spend time with, and what are your favorite things to do when you are with them?

I have two favorite rescued Norwegian Elkhound dogs. My favorite thing to do with Anna, my younger dog, is agility. We spend a lot of our time competing, and she is the only Elkhound ever to earn the top title in U.S.D.A.A. agility.

How do you wind down after a stressful day?

I love practicing agility with Anna in the backyard of my new home.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Personally, I would like to be remembered for the work I do with animal rescue. Professionally, I would like to be remembered for my work reforming the laws concerning low level sex offenders.

What is one of your lifelong goals?

To be an agility judge.

What are one or two of your publications that you feel best represent your work?

Zilney, L. J., & Zilney, L. A. (2009). Perverts and Predators: The Making of Sexual Offending Laws. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.