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Letter from the Editor- Spring 2015

Dear DWC Members,

Happy (belated) new year!  It was wonderful to see everyone at the 2014 DWC events at the American Society of Criminology meetings in San Francisco.  It was great to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the DWC with some new and old friends (not that ANY of us are old!).

For those graduate students reading the newsletter, don't forget that the deadline for the Larry J. Siegel Fellowship for the Study of Gender and Crime and the Feminist Criminology Graduate Research Fellowship is March 1, 2015!  Want more information?  Go to to get all the details.

Thank you again to all the wonderful associate editors who make this newsletter happen.  Since it is the start of the new year, I want to recognize each of the associate editors and thank them for the work that they do.  You should too!  Send them emails to let them know that you value their work.  Without them, this newsletter would just be a nice note from me, and who wants to read that?

Member News- Tara Richards

Ask a Senior Colleague- Alesha Durfee

Book Reviews- Lisa Bostaph, Venessa Garcia, Andrea Nichols

Graduate Student Corner- Jordana Navarro, Janne Gaub, Kyl Myers (beginning 6/15)

Outreach Committee Report- Sarah Brightman, Kelly Faust

Member Profiles- Venezia Michalsen

Employment and Funding- Molly Dragiewicz (thru 2/15), Lane Kirkland Gillespie

Teaching Tips- Elaine Arnull, Sara Koon Magnin, Tara Opsal

If you ever have ideas, requests, complaints, gentle nudges, or perhaps a box of chocolates, just email me at

Thanks also to those of you who compile resources for teaching, research, and advocacy that are archived on the DWC DivisioNews site.  Just go to and click on the link for "Resources" on the left side to see all the fantastic materials that we have available.

I hope that everyone is off to the start of an exciting new year!