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Professional Awards

Each year, the DWC recognizes contributions of our faculty scholars and professional members. Awards are given in the following categories:

Distinguished Scholar Award: recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of women and crime by an established scholar. The contributions may consist of a single outstanding book or work, a series of theoretical or research contributions, or the accumulated contributions of an established scholar. Eligibility includes scholars who have held a Ph.D. for eight or more years.

Lifetime Achievement Award: recognizes scholars upon retirement. We inaugurated this award on our 20th Anniversary, 2004. Scholars receiving this award should have an established career advancing the goals and work of the Division on Women and Crime.

New Scholar Award: recognizes the achievements of scholars who show outstanding merit at the beginnings of their careers. Outstanding merit may be based on a single book or work, including dissertation or a series of theoretical or research contributions to the area of women and crime. Eligibility includes scholars who held a Ph.D. for less than eight years.

CoraMae Richey Mann “Inconvenient Woman of the Year” Award: recognizes the scholar/activist who has participated in publicly promoting the ideals of gender equality and women’s rights throughout society, particularly as it relates to gender and crime issues. This award will be granted on an ad hoc basis. Nominations should include specific documentation of public service (news articles, etc) and should describe in detail how this person’s activism has raised awareness and interest in the issues that concern the Division on Women and Crime. This award was inaugurated in honor of our 20th Anniversary in 2004.

Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice: recognizes a criminologist whose professional accomplishments have increased the quality of justice and the level of safety for women. The Saltzman Award need not be given every year. It is available to honor unique achievements combining scholarship, persuasion, activism and commitment, particularly work that has made a deep impact on the quality of justice for women, as well as a wide impact (interdisciplinary, international, or cross-cultural).

Sarah Hall Award for Service Contributions: recognizes outstanding service contributions to the Division on Women and Crime of the American Society of Criminology and to professional interests regarding feminist criminology.  Service may include mentoring, serving as an officer of the Division on Women and Crime, committee work for the ASC, DWC, or other related group, and/or serving as editor or editorial board member of journals and books or book series devoted to research on women and crime.  The award is named after Sarah Hall, administrator of the American Society of Criminology for over 30 years, whose tireless service helped countless students and scholars in their careers.

Distinguished Scholar Award Recipients

2017: Vera Lopez
 Nancy C. Jurik
2015: Marilyn Corsianos
2014: Jill McCorkel
2013: Kerry Carrington
2012: Karen Heimer
2011: Candace Kruttschnitt
2010: Jody Miller
2008: Sally Simpson
2007: Merry Morash
2006: Lynn Chancer
2005: Natalie Sokoloff
2004: Walter DeKeseredy & Martin Schwartz
2003: Drew Humphries
2002: Marjorie Zatz
2001: Betsy Stanko
2000: Susan Martin
1999: Nicole Hahn Rafter
1998: Susan Caringella-MacDonald
1997: Joanne Belknap
1996: Claire Renzetti
1995: CoraMae Richey Mann
1994: Kathleen Daly & Meda Chesney-Lind

Lifetime Achievement Award:

2016: Susan F. Sharp
2014: Jill Rosenbaum
2012: Roslyn Muraskin
2011: Natalie Sokoloff
2008: Chris Rasche
2005: Imogene Moyer
2004: Christine Alder

New Scholar Award Recipients

2017: Eryn Nicole O'Neal
2016: Jane E. Palmer
2015: Carrie Buist and Andrea Nichols
2014: Tara Richards
2013: Rebecca Hayes
2012: Emily Lenning
2011: Kristin Carbone-Lopez
2010: Nicki Jones
2009: Molly Dragiewicz
2008: Kristy Holtfreter
2007: Hillary Potter
2006: Barbara Koons-Witt
2005: Venessa Garcia
2004: Sharon Redhawk Love
2003: Angela Moe
2002: Jeanne Flavin
2001: Jody Miller
2000: Michelle Hughes Miller
1999: Debra Stanley
1998: Kimberly J. Cook
1997: Mona Danner
1996: Nancy Wonders
1995: Helen Eigenberg
1994: Susan Miller

CoraMae Richey Mann “Inconvenient Woman of the Year” Award Recipients

2016: Bonnie Berry
2014: Hillary Potter
2012: Betsy Stanko
2011: Susan Sharp
2008: Helen Eigenberg
2006: Robin Haarr
2004: Joanne Belknap

Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice Recipients

2017: Rosemary Barberet
Valerie Jenness
2013: Margaret S. Shaw
2012: Robin Haarr
2011: Joan Zorza
2010: Sue Osthoff
2009: Claire Renzetti
2008: Becky Block & Susan Sharp
2006: Barbara Bloom & Barbara Owen

Sarah Hall Award for Service Contributions Recipients

2017: Rosemary Barberet
2014: Amy D'Unger
2013: Christine Rasche
2012: Helen Eigenberg